Who Was WWE Superstar Becky Lynch’s Celebrity Crush?

Becky Lynch has been a force to be reckoned with for the past five years, from nearly being an assistant to Charlotte Flair to winning both RAW and SmackDown’s Women’s titles multiple times. Becky Two Belts is also the only woman in WWE to hold both titles at the same time. The Irish Lasskicker, a fan-favorite underdog who went from just another wrestler on NXT to The Man who starred in WrestleMania, has done it all.

Big Time Becks loves her fans, and they love her too, as evidenced by her emotional meet and greets. She even breaks apart from her tough girl every time she meets them.

This led to her becoming the hottest superstar in WWE a few years ago and has even been propelled to the moon by WWE management by successfully hosting WrestleMania 35 as the main event.

Was Becky Lynch in love with Zack Morris?

While she may be The Man in the ring, she’s still a girl at heart outside, having revealed in a WWE.com interview that she was her childhood sweetheart. It wasn’t a wrestler, an actor, or even a real person! It was Zack Morris, a fictional character from the 1980s sitcom Saved by the bell.

It was played by the actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar who, with his boyish charm and good looks, became the crush of most girls. Becks even had a facetime video call with Gosselaar at a fan meeting, confessing an embarrassing fact that she had married a poster of him in her room as an 8-year-old.

Becky broke many hearts when she married fellow superstar Seth Rollins last year. The couple have a daughter together named Roux. Although Big Time Becks is currently on the injured list with a severed shoulder, she is keeping herself busy writing her first book. Wonder if she mentions her marriage with a poster in it?

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