Parkland gunman’s brother says he has withdrawn from witnesses over ‘harassment’, and plans to sue county

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. The Parkland school shooter’s brother has stopped volunteering in defense of his brother in his pending death penalty trial over “years of harassment” by Broward County and plans to sue the county, he said in a statement. social media post.

In the post, on Zachary Cruz’s “Being Zach Cruz” social media pages, Nikolas Cruz’s brother said the harassment “only got worse after he (he) moved to Virginia.”

“Broward prosecutors teamed up with a racist Virginia sheriff and a corrupt prosecutor to try to arrest me, search my home, and subject me to a conservatory,” Zachary Cruz wrote. “They attacked my new family for helping me and threatened me through a CI (criminal informant). Broward’s ultimate goal seems to be to hide the systemic flaws that prevented my brother from getting the help or inpatient services he needed.”

Cruz also said he decided not to testify after being informed by his attorney that “yet another defense witness has claimed that witnesses were tampered with by prosecutor Jeff Marcus.”

“I’m not surprised, and I no longer believe it’s worth the intimidation and abuse if the judge clearly doesn’t care,” Cruz said. “She made that clear when I raised the issue of witness manipulation, and the defense team said it wasn’t their fight. Jeff Marcus will continue to tamper with witnesses until the court forces him to stop.”

Cruz wrote that he was “not interested in being a scapegoat for (his) brother or Broward County”, saying he ran away from home because it was “crazy and dangerous out there”.

“I love my brother, although I hate what he did. There’s no excuse for what he did, just questions about why it was allowed to happen, and we all deserve to have those answers,” Cruz said. “The families deserve closure. My brother needs a fair trial. This circus of an ordeal does not come about either.”

He then outlined his plan for legal action against the province.

“Once my brother’s case is over, I’ve instructed my lawyers to file a lawsuit against Broward County seeking compensation for the damages I suffered, but much more importantly for an injunction that will hopefully make it more difficult.” making for Broward County to bully people,” Cruz wrote.

Local 10 News has contacted the Broward County State Attorney’s Office for comment.

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