Taste the culture and food of the world! 32nd BG International Festival this Saturday

Circus Square Park, Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Get a taste of the world’s culture and food this Saturday at the 32nd annual Bowling Green International Festival.

The opening ceremony of the BG International Fest in 2022 will begin at 8:45 AM in Circus Square Park. Concession stands and performances all begin at 9:00 AM. The festival lasts until 6 p.m.

Tickets at the door are $10, but you can buy them online early, even on the day for $5 a pop.

Performances include a traditional Aztec dance troupe and some neat modern fusion troupes – ranging from steampunk to Bob Marley-inspired.

Also in the lineup are African drums and dance, a Cajun band, Chinese cultural dance and much more.

BGIF22 Executive Director Kim Mason said: “We are very excited this year. There’s a lot going on with our entertainment, but we also have more food than we’ve ever had. That’s something that people are really looking forward to, so I think they’ll be amazed.”

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