Trampwall—trampoline wall that runs—from Cirque du Soleil to your backyard

I enjoy learning about new subcultures that I didn’t know existed. Recently I heard about a sport called ‘Trampwall’ or ‘trampoline wall running’. I came across some videos posted by YouTube user “Hingaflips” where he shows Trampwall moves/stunts performed by himself and his friends. Hingaflips is Jake Hinga, who describes herself this way on a 2019 Kickstarter page:

I am a circus performer and acrobat who has performed Trampwall for several companies in the United States for the past year. I’m originally from Michigan, but due to the lack of circus job opportunities in Trampwall, I left. I’ve always dreamed of putting on a show at home.

What is Trampwall? The World Trampwall Federation describes it this way:

Trampwall is an acrobatic/circus discipline created simultaneously by Cirque Du Soleil and kids in their backyard for their terrifying one-man skills. Once the parkour kids and adrenaline junkies of extreme sports got their hands on this discipline, Trampwall started developing at an exponential rate! Most people have never heard of it. Most people only know it through circus shows. A small percentage of practitioners know and participate in World Trampwall Federation events. Due to the nature of these events, information about the date, time, location and participants is not publicly broadcast in advance. If you need to know, you already know.

If you’ve never seen people do Trampwall, I suggest you check out some of these videos. I find it very fascinating and relaxing to watch. Here’s Jake Hinga showing some tricks. Here’s a funny challenge where you throw Peeps candies in someone’s mouth while they’re doing Trampwall. And here’s Sarah doing some Trampwall trust exercises and partner tricks.

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