Traverse City Art Centers receives grant from Michigan Arts & Culture Council

Multiple art centers in northern Michigan received grants from the Michigan Arts and Culture Council totaling more than $900,000.

These grants help art institutions expand a little more on their already existing programs or create new ones for the community to enjoy. Many of these places have been asking for and receiving this grant for years.

Deb Jackson, the executive director of Old Town Playhouse, says: “At Old Town Playhouse, we value quality. Quality in every way. The sets, the boardrooms for the murder of the Orient Express, which this week featured on every costume. opens are made from scratch with the pattern.’

With this grant she wants to maintain the quality for the community.

At the Dennos Museum Center they hope to use the grant for their concert and in Downtown at the City Opera House, Executive Director, Diane Baribeau, plans to spend some of the grant money on arts education stating that “the other take a the best Broadway musical dance and theater camp.Every year kids come in for five days and learn all about being a professional performer.”

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