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The Golding-Yang Art Gallery opened its doors for their annual faculty exhibition.

The exhibition was organized by the faculty of Morehead State’s Department of Art and Design to show existing or prospective MSU students the many forms of art that they can create with enough time and dedication.

It will run until September 21, with a faculty forum at 10 a.m. to answer any student questions.

Gary Mesa-Gaido, an MSU art professor, has exhibited some of his work among his fellow faculties, including his “Lunar Cycles Series 1-9.” Art education is extremely important to Mesa-Gaido.

“It’s an extension of yourself — like learning more about your own abilities,” Mesa-Gaido says.

Mesa-Gaido has seen the arts less as a specialized, elite branch of education, but more as a form of expression that even non-art majors should consider trying. He wanted students to know that the art department professors are ready to accommodate them, regardless of their previous experience.

“There is nothing that can replace the drive, desire and hard work that you put into your art,” said Mesa-Gaido.

Like the art within the faculty exhibition, Mesa-Gaido said any art will certainly take many hours of determination and work on your own time to progress, but that shouldn’t discourage students. However, to succeed at even the most fundamental levels of your classes, Gary has one piece of advice.

“Be prepared and be aware,” said Mesa-Gaido. “Just be a good student”

Mesa-Gaido hopes to keep students interested in the arts.

Anyone interested in the exhibits or even the art program itself is welcome at the faculty forum on Wednesday to get in touch with the faculty.

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