Homerun tracker by Albert Pujols [UPDATED]

As his senior season draws to a close, St. Louis Cardinals drummer Albert Pujols has racked up nearly 700 home runs in his career.

Albert Pujols hadn’t been with the St. Louis Cardinals since the team won the World Series in 2011. Ten years later, after his release from the Los Angeles Angels early in the 2021 season and a brief stint with the Dodgers, Pujols announced he would return to the Cardinals in 2022. However, this season would be his last.

After participating in the Home Run Derby, Pujols is on fire, hitting home runs more often. With that, he is now almost the fourth player in baseball history to hit 700 home runs in his career.

How many home runs does Albert Pujols have?

As of September 21, when he went into the Cardinals’ game against the San Diego Padres, Pujols had hit 698 home runs in his career.

Since returning from the All-Star break, Pujols has hit 13 home runs with the Cardinals. In the process, he had made history on numerous occasions, including passing Alex Rodriguez for the fourth most hit home run in MLB, and Stan Musial for the most total bases ever.

When will Albert Pujols play next?

The Cardinals then play against the Padres on Thursday, September 22. From there, they begin the three-game series against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

For those wanting to know the rest of the Cardinals’ regular season schedule, we’ve got it for you:

  • September 22: at San Diego Padres
  • September 23-25: In Los Angeles Dodgers
  • September 27-28: At Milwaukee Brewers
  • 30 Sept. – Oct. 2: vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • October 3-5: At Pittsburgh Pirates

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