‘Moon Da Ladla’ is all comedy, emotions and family drama

Punjabi cinema evolves with the times and as situations around us change, audiences crave laughter with a social message.

After COVID, the urge to go to the cinema and watch movies has started to lose its charm. Audiences need motivation to go to the cinema and we need powerful movies to create the urge. Recently, the trailer of Maa da Ladla caught my attention and raised the expectations of the audience. I finally got the chance to watch the movie in theaters and it definitely raised the bar for other Punjabi movies to follow.

The footage of the film was shot in the UK and directed by Uday Pratap Singh. The trailer had already introduced us to the storyline of the film. The plot revolves around Gora and Sehaj. Gora is a struggling actor with financial difficulties as he cannot find decent work for himself while Sehaj is a self employed mother who is emotionally blackmailed by her son Kevin who wants a fatherly figure in his life.

Sehaj’s idea to hire Gora as a renter for her son by paying him a nice amount solves Gora’s financial problems. It seems like a win-win situation for both parties. Later in the plot, we could feel that instead of getting a solution to their problems, both protagonists are indulging in tricky situations.

The first half of the screenplay is full of laughter and fun, while the second half takes the audience on an emotional journey. For Pakistani moviegoers, here are a few key tips that will increase their interest in the movie. The executive producer of the film is Hammad Chaudhary of HKC Entertainment who is a Pakistani national while we have well-known Pakistani comedians in the film Naseem Vicky and Iftikhar Thakur. I don’t want to sound biased here when I say that both actors make the audience laugh. Exclusively with Hammad Chaudhary, he tells Daily Times that HKC Entertainment and Cinestar are excited to come on board for this family comedy MAA DA ‚Äč‚ÄčLADLA and feel that co-producing with other countries is the way forward, as it used to be in the 80s and 90s too. The Maa Da Ladla movie is a good weekend ticker to watch with the families. Neeru Bajwa is the Boss Lady of the movie, while you fall in love with Tarsem Jassar. His Bromance with Naseem Vicky is topical and a treat for the public. The story seems to be very smooth and soft, but there are some scenes where comedy took over the emotional scene. Overall, the movie can be considered a ‘Paesa Wasool’ movie. It takes the audience through some funny moments and laughter. Some of the dialogues in the film leave a lasting impact.

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