Riverwalk Theater invites audience to travel back in time

Act One: Romance and Witchcraft Enchanted Riverwalk’s Black Box

Riverwalk Theater invites the public to step back in time through October 2, as the season of spooks begins with the play that inspired the television series ‘Bewitched’.

Set in the late 1950s, Bell, Book and Candle is a romantic comedy in which a Greenwich Valley cast a love spell over an unwitting publisher who is engaged to her former college rival.

Director Amy Rickett said she watched the movie Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak and found it was based on the play. Gillian Holroyd (Calia Conklin) is the modern-day witch who lives in New York and ShepherdHenderson (Lewis C. Elson) is the charming publisher. In the play Gillian starts to fall in love which is a problem because if she does she loses her powers.

Others on the show include her aunt Queenie (Margo Guillory), cousin Nick (Nick Lemmer), and eccentric author Sidney Redlitch (Jeff Magnuson).

Rickett expects the audience to be enchanted.

“The cast is top notch,” Rickett said. “The actors came to work every night to find ways to make this show authentic and fun.”

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