Wednesday had a huge debut on Netflix

WednesdayPhoto: Netflix Get ready to throw away your Netflix confetti (made from shredded red envelopes and DVDs), because Netflix is ​​having another parade in its own right. As usual, the parade is in honor of something new on Netflix that got way better marks than anything else on Netflix, proving that Netflix is ​​a good … Read more

Disney has pulled some funky tricks to make Disney Plus look like it’s losing less money

Image: disney Disney keeps shaking – for an “unkillable, multi-billion-dollar leviathan’s definition of shaking, at least – in the wake of his recent big surprise Bob Swapwith former CEO Bob Iger stepping in to take control of the companyk from his successor, Bob Chapek, after the company’s board of directors asked Chapek to step down … Read more

Kelly Rowland insists that “everyone deserves grace”

Kelly RowlandPhoto: Kevin Winter (Getty Images) While the people involved probably wish this wasn’t the case, this is one of the most/only notable things to come out of it American music awards on Sunday was a moment when Chris Brown – who wasn’t there – won Favorite Male R&B Artist. Presenter Kelly Rowland accepted the … Read more

Ryan Reynolds wrote an entire Deadpool Christmas movie that he never got around to

Oh hi: We begin to suspect that Ryan Reynolds might be up for playing this Deadpool dude! Like, “writes stories about Deadpool even when he’s not playing Deadpool” in him – with Reynolds revealing this week that he has a completely different one deadpool movie script just sort of tucked away somewhere that he never … Read more

Candace Cameron Bure’s Response to Traditional Marriage Backlash

Candace Cameron BurePhoto: Tommaso Boddy (Getty Images) Candace Cameron Bure’s comments about centering “traditional marriage” on her Christian movie network quickly confronted, strong recoil. Considering she left the Hallmark channel to make more religion-based content, while Hallmark makes more diverse (and less heterosexual) content, it seems clear where she stands. But the Full house alum … Read more